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Solubilis Corporate Services is an leading intellectual property firm offering specialist assistance and advice to clients in all over India in the areas of Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Copyrights, providing trademark registration services, patent registration, drafting of patent specifications, design registration, trademark registration, patent and trademark searches. Solubilis comprises of experienced patent attorneys and trademark ensuring that clients receive practical and cost effective advice on all aspects of IP rights and their exploitation.

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It is a sign or symbol, which differentiate our enterprise or organisation from others. This one is reliably protected by intellectual property rights. Service mark and trademarks specially designed for manufacturers and sellers products and services to distinguish in the commercial markets. It acts as a promoting tool to our very own product. It provides uniqueness to the product. If we register a trademark, we can protect that from others who are trying to exploit this.

Trademark Registration In Coimbatore It is a boon to the corporate which creates a massive image to the company what we all want to build.
It acts as a representative for our concern to showcase the quality and excellence.
It could be in any form such as colour, shape, style of font.
In legally, trademark is the one which protects our corporate sign from the unauthorised parties.
It gives hype to our product tremendously

To identify goods or services of one seller and distinguish them from goods or services sold by others.
To signify that all goods or services bearing the trademark come from a single source.
As a prime instrument in advertising and selling the goods or services.
Renting by way of licensing or franchising.
Protecting the public against confusion and deception by identifying the source of origin of particular products as distinguished from other similar products.
Protecting the trade mark owner’s trade and business as well as the goodwill which is attached with the trademark.
Acts as an advertising tool. The advertisement of products or services may not be possible without trademarks.
It is a basic one for marketing and a pillar support for the enterprise.

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  • Role of Trade mark

    The main role of trademarks nowadays is that the acquisition of monopoly or exclusive right.

  • Importance of Trademark

    The trademark plays a significant role for the commercialisation and helps to enhance the trade.

  • Types of Trademarks:

    A trademark is classified into different categories. Trademark,Service Mark,Sound Trademarks...