Progression steps following in the trademark:

Progression steps of trademark are important one to know. Trademark can audible as well as visual one. It is using for goods and service which is undertaking as business of the trademark owner. Trademark registration is considering as the national right. Commonly, the styles of trademark are following as phrase, word, logo, sound, smell and other possibilities applying to the product. It can be plain or various usages applying with the base of colours.

While, a registering of trademark is certainly protecting it in a registering country. But a single registration is not able to protect in other countries. Separate registration is requiring for registering the same trademark in another country.

Progression steps for international reach:

In essence, individual filing is the essential element following in the trademark registration process. Six month of time period is requiring for one country registration to another country. Descriptive quality of the product or service is prohibiting one. Legal use of other names also strictly avoiding one. Geographical reference is also violating one in this brand name obtaining. Trademark registration is valid one as its longevity. Surely, it depends upon the renewal process.

As well as trademark search is applying to help the people to find the trademark which are already registering. Otherwise, check their name avail for their registration. These elements are notable one. Public search are processing for help the easy trademark finding.

Definition of service mark:

Accordingly, brand name registration comes under to main category they are trademark and service mark. Trademark is usually for the service purposes. The description of the service is the main aspect of using the service mark. Inclusion of industrial, commercial and other essential business are availing one. They can be Finance, Education, real estate, transport and so on. Easy recognizing and remember the mark is the fundamental quality of good trademark.

Above all, choosing the trademark is should involve with one or more names. Suppose, the first name is not available the backup options are helpful one. Try to check twice you preferring a name for the registration process.

Progression steps on Identical trademark:

Especially, the product or service description and similar marks are considering as the identical things in the trademark registration. Nearly resemblance is avoidable one in this logo registration process. There are certain department and government sections are following the trademark registration in the strict norm. Before choosing the business identity as trademark, please cross check the guidance from

Directions of the Central government

The emblems and names act

The drugs and cosmetics act

Companies act section 20 and 22

However, these acts and provisions are following to register the good trademark and avoid the misleading product of the market. Life of the trademark is depends upon the actual use of the mark. Obviously trademark is a business asset. Before registration try to sort out the common obstacle is the fine one.

Grounds for refusal:

Especially, Trademark registration which consist or indicate the trade relating elements like quality, quantity, type, kind value, purpose, place of origin are the things should avoid.  These are the characteristics of the goods and services. These openly mentioning qualities are coming under the grounds of refusal. A trademark which is providing the unfair advantages also ruin the name of business. It is also avoiding one.

Beyond, geographical identification, common use, lack of uncommon elements are considering as the root of refusal. So, getting sufficient knowledge on these topics will fine for registering trademark. Visiting home page of various forms of trademark application is availing in the registration. The applying of wrong application will lead to the refusal.

Form and signing application for trademark application:

For instance, a trademark proprietor or owner can himself apply for the trademark. On the other hand, agents can file a trademark on behalf of a applicant. The noticing points of trademark is following as

Name and business place are require for the business applicant

The exact class where the trademark will fall

The name is proposing for use and whom using the trademark all the details can easily access.

A specimen copy of the trademark should attach with the trademark application

Vernacular, English, transliteration and translation are the category of the names using for the trademark registration process.

Correspondingly, more than one class is applicable one for the registration process. Application registering for the same trademark in different classes is treating with separate applications. Different application falling in the same class is require the separate and distinct application in logo registration.

Defensive registration:

Specifically, a trademark is registering only for the proprietor intention of sale or business use. Especially section 47 is following for the defensive registration purpose. It is the exceptional condition of provision in the trademark act. Defensive trademark could not remove from the register through non-use. The continuous business under taking can approach this defensive brand name registration.

Certainly, this trademark is well known relation to suitable goods. To strictly avoid the circumstance of removal for long business progress, it is the finest option. Defensive trademark stand against the improper use of registered defensive trademark. It comes as a single application more than one class.

Progression step on advertisement:

Meanwhile, trademark journal is the well- known publication part for the trademark registration. A trademark which is coming under the advertisement means it is the final stage of registration process. Third parties can oppose if any similarity or partial similarity find in the advertisement process. Otherwise, it is the final and only opportunity to stop to use any similar trademark.

As usual, a notice of opposition for trademark registration is applying within a month of time when the application is publishing in this journal. Trademark application find with any controversies further proceedings will happen in the manner of hearing, and appearing with proof before law.

Progression on non-completion registration:

Simultaneously, the applying of trademark which is not completed with 12 months of time period, it will abandon one. The time calculation of twelve month is taking from the date of application filing. Proper reason of opposing the trademark will be noticed from the trademark office. Otherwise, the successful completion of the trademark will announce before 21 days of complete registration.


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