Reason for registering trademark in United States are comes with various causes. One of them is it directly refers the business brand. Consumers are building their trust on the basis of the brand rather than its business owners and company. Certainly, it is an important business asset to grow business in extend.

Simultaneously, many small companies have more business potential but lack their possibility register the same name. Trademark registration is the important thing comes with varied reasons. Let’s see the reasons of importance and essentiality.

Reason on communicative tool:

Subsequently, brand name or logo registration is an intellectual property of the business. It easily attributes the messages of the company, reputation, business product or service. Then, what are the elements coming under the logo. It can be a word, design, combination of letters and numerals. It can be naming in the native slang is also appropriate one.

Trademark case and complexities around the world:

Reason of easy finding:

Consequently, market is a place where lot of competitors are availing under the same roof. To efficient communication on the brand name is standing along with the business. Trademarks are transparently exposes the business dealing and its services. Trademark must motivate the customers to decide the product is worth one.

Reason of social media promotions:

In essence, Now a day face book, twitter, pinterest and google are showing the product via the windows. To attract the customers, the continue process of publishing ads, and other way of promotions are inevitable. High ranking will arrest the attention. It will be result in the increase of consumer traffic.  Trademark will be primary reason for acquisition of promotion of industry.

Reason on hiring process:

Though, familiar trademark or brand name easily produces the positive vibe on the consumers. The reputation of the brand remembers the responsibility of the working ethic. It easily arise the eligibility in the higher rank. The ten years or five year long periods in India and United states are allotting the registration validation. Minimal cost of the registration is assuring one. So, registration process is not comes with any complexity.

Reason of life-long usage:

Incidentally, United States, once the registration process is completed, the proper renewal will result in the life-long usage. Most recognising logo registrations are standing around a hundred years. Pepsi, Cola and Mercedes are the familiar brands completing their registration a century before. Logos are considering as the critical asset.

Further more, before naming the brand it most aptly need to suit for the business. While, choosing the brand name try to avoid the infringement incurrence. Searching to denial of trademark is coming under the responsible of USPTO.

Characteristics of United States Trademark:

In addition, logo registration is a full or partially designing work for the business undertaking. Unique and easily remembering emblems are the qualities of good trademark according to USPTO. Government protection and infringement avoiding are the plus of registering trademark. When should I register my logo is the basic question of the entrepreneurs. As soon as possible while progress your business steps is the predominant answer.

 Reason on Intellectual property matters:

Accordingly. the intellectual property matters are getting its vital importance in the national wise priority. Especially in USA the unregistering trademark will face the narrowing marketing than the registering trademarks.

Similarly, the businessmen who are in the idea of business expansion to other location certainly register their trademark. Federal courts are taking action against the trademark and Patent registration. Federal court is issuing orders on the trademark cases.

Competitor’s notification on Trademark rights:

Hence, registration of logo will produce the strong obstacle on who are seeking for the same trademark. That is the major cause for USPTO is coming to help in the form of public database. The search process can be conduct through TESS.

Although, it stands for the expansion of Trademark Electronic Search System. It ignores the happening of trademark infringement. These are the major reasons for the stable business is considering trademark as its business asset.

Types of trademark search in United States:

Commonly, two types of research are conducting on the trademark and patent search. According to USPTO, trademark registration checking is valid only via these searches. They are Preliminary search and professional search.

Generally, sometimes preliminary search never produce the 100% authentic result. That why the professionals are paying way for the professional search. Preliminary search is the initial level search in the consideration of professional attorneys.

Professional research:

Besides, no trademark search will provide its fulfilled result. Potentially the occurrence of infringement is never eliminated. Trademark clearance search is considering as the authenticating process for the trademark search. Business operation is a wide process. It involves lot of transaction process. To held the trustful transaction from the bank to consumer seeking the familiarity of the business name.

United States restrictions on unregistering name:

For instance, In USA the business process seeking the beneficial for the opening of a business account. To open the business account trademark registration is the primary element to allow this process.

Suppose, the business people lacking the trademark name at least use of DBA filing is mandatory for this process. Declaration of use and evidence has to be present at the time of trademark registration. Exact configuration process is expecting to file trademark and respectively for its registration.

Option for opposition process:

Especially, third parties can be oppose the registering trademark but only after thirty days from it published. This period is not stable one it can also extendable one. Third parties can oppose a trademark under the case of confusing similarities occurring in the trademark.

Chiefly, Success of the opposition is fully depends upon the registration proofs and other circumstances. Validity of trademark in USA is following a period of decade. Trademark renewal can be complete within 12 months before its expiry. In case, the trademark not using up to three years it will cancel.

Two trademark registrars:

USA has two registrars for the trademark registration process. They are namely calling as principal and supplementary registrar. To inherent the distinctive trademark it goes to the principal registrar. It is incontestable for five years. Other than it goes for supplementary registrar. Hope this will be the outline process for the trademark registration. And valuable reason to avoid infringement these steps are following.


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