Great logo requires a mixture of designs skills, innovative theory and a skilful application. Fit-for-purpose logo is the ultimate thing for any designer, but mastering from all aspects of the craft takes time. Logo design is the important element of branding since these days there are number of activation points such as campaigns on social media, promotional posts, but the logo or the brand mark been the centerpiece for most of the branding schemes.

Logos hold an inevitable place in the field of branding and marketing. It is recognition of the brand and a major change can even lead to the permanent fall of the brand name which had been created for several years. It is indeed to keep certain things before going for logo designs.

Great Logo:


A great logo is the one which tells the story of the brand and build trust for a business. The power of logo design is something that is the most important one to consider.

Logo even speaks the company’s rich history; it can tell how the company climbed mountains to reach the peak of success. Think about the meaning, story and the message before deciding the logo. After the research and numerous attempts, you will definitely end up with a great logo. Company logo has more meaning apart from the creative designs and the typography. Strong background stories might give inspiration to many and it makes the logo stand unique.

Logo designs reflects who you are:


Logo reflects the mirror image of your company and the brand. Do not think too much about modifying the logo because if your logo is outdated, then it makes the people to think old and outdated. Ugly and irrelevant logo reflects in the customer’s mind that you are very irrelevant. Most of the customers focus on the feel of the brand they get to know. While doing business in India, there is a specific place for feelings and emotions. It’s your responsibility to make sure that their feeling should be a good one otherwise no matter how big your company or product is; the strong mental connection with the consumer is so important for any business to run successfully. Their strong belief is what makes them to use your product and even they do suggest others using your products.

No need to scream:


If you have a well-crafted logo, there is no need to scream. Because your logo design can stand itself without shoved down to attract the customers. Logo is a badge of honour that should be in a balanced proportion to the wide sense. Be appropriate on your things that only can easily go to the people. Good products always have its own value and worth regardless of the huge advertisement. Logo is a medium to bring your ideas straight away to the people and grab their attention.

Go easy on overcrowding:


Make it simple and keep it simple. Just because you own a pet shop doesn’t mean that you need to fit every animal into your logo. Engaging logos look so bad since it tries to force the concepts. This is difficult to replicate and are confusing to the customer. Behind your brand, you can tell the entire story through the website, social media and ads. Your logo is the one aspect for your overall branding.

Don’t focus on the top trends:


Don’t run behind the top trends because the logo trends come and go just like the fashion which may turn into clichés. Focus on creating the great logo which should be timeless and that could be accomplished when you ignore the latest tricks and designs. Aware of latest designs and crazes are important. Each and every month there is a chance of knowing different trends and flavours, but the best things is to understand the longevity of the brand. A great logo is the one when it can stand so unique both in current and future trends.

For e.g.: coca cola, which is more stylish and prevalent even they haven’t changed their logo for a long time. Logo should convey a subliminal message in the consumer’s mind that thing can recognise a corporate logo even from a mile away. People used to focus the hidden, subliminal or clever messages from the particular logo. This is what makes the consumer so curious about the particular brand. A logo speaks to its viewers not just in one level. It brings them to catch up the hidden messages. At a first glance you may not understand fully but when you again and again looking back, you would end up knowing the brand messages where logo acts as the medium to communicate.

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