Trademark case and complexities around the world:

Trademark case and complexities are usual one today. Not only in India, but also globe is also facing this business issue in particular. Too much of laws and provisions are increasing day to day solve the complexities. Strict laws on trademark registration to make obstacle on infringement. Business name is the main source of running a business. Name is the intellectual property of business. So, trademark registration gain importance not only in India, but also all around the globe.

Consequently, trademark laws and their interesting global cases will discuss here. Let’s see the common and interesting trademark issues. They will spark the trademark filing importance and its essence. Trademark law is important tool to carry out business all corner of the world.

Trademark cases and its main elements:

Goods, product and services are the kernel elements in business. Then, how it is relating to trademark? Name of the product is should relate to the business. The symbol is clearly insists the business. After all it should not be replicating. Choosing of trademark comes in the factor of logo, structure, tag line and musical compositions all are taking for the trademark filing. Then obviously competition trademark bookings are equally increase. These all are increasing only to safeguard their business asset.

Trademark case and complexities around the world:

Subsequently, most trademark requests are common in trademark cases. In abroad, most of the cases are come with weird things. The trademark issue face object and opposition with non-prognostication reasons. This analysis will aid to choose non-bias trademarks.

Trademark case of Twitter:

Specifically, we all know twitter is one of the famous social medium among the youngsters. Now it is widely fame among all the people. Many of the people not know the trademark difficulty facing by the twitter. Filing of trademark process, Twitter follows the legal way of registration. For instance of already twittad have the same idea of sharing information. Both same idea of business may leads to puzzle the consumer. So, it is facing opposition.

Incidentally, they clear out it is merely add posting and social media of sharing is totally different one. It is never ruin the both business. Trademark case always comes with great sense of complexities. Never ignore just it as the government process. Suppose, the business calamities meet any disaster, it will rescue with safeguard.

Trademark complexity on name Snooki:

Additionally, trademark complexities are quite normal in abroad. However, the huge business tycoons and popular and notable icons also fall in this trademark case in the new topic. Famous television show and its notable star of the show want to start a business with his nick name. He is one of the popular figures among the Americans show lovers. As a business and law process, he chose his “Snooki” as his filing trademark. Certainly, his application was rejecting through the government body United States Patent and trademark office.


Furthermore, this government body clear out the rejection by attaching a statement. In that government declaration, this name is a fictional character. This children book character is taking as the trademark name. It is trademarking through a book creator. So, the trademark case is not favour one for the famous celebrity.

Trademark case on happy face:

Though, Registration of trademark is a common one for all public. It is non partial, one for the separate class and society. It is proving through the trademark case of snooki. In the same way, Walmart is one of the retail tycoons functioning in the United States. They are choosing the yellow smiley as their intellectual property. Then only know the stunning news that it is impossible get the trademark. More and more it is already getting trademark in the year of mid 1970’s.

Rules and norms following on the removal of trademark

Beyond all, they are trying to get the name in the year of 2006. It is hardly not possible one in the trademark problem. Meanwhile, the trademark filing process and government officials giving priority to the registering date. It is the threshold for all the trademark cases. So, be aware of the government process to implement successful trademark filing.

Trademark registration-Subway facing complexity:

Although, Subway needs not any introduction. One of the leading foot chains function across the globe. Initially this food tycoon is choosing foot-long as their business name. Trademarking process is also perfectly complete. But after the long combat, they gain the trademark certification in 2013. Regular process of trademark applying is couple of times neglect through the trademark office. Then, their product is naming as “subway foot long”.

Due to adding additional name, the consumers are filing case as their sandwiches are not foot long. It is claiming a great confusion. So, the trademark filing is a great battle for this food chain. So, simple and lucid idea of names is always preferable one in the registration process. Especially, foot industry come across lot of misconceptions. Try to avoid such bizarre names which are leads to unwanted sues.

Trademark registration on chain of business:

As well as trademark is not only for the single business. It can be useful and applicable one for the chain of business. So, for such process, Indian trademark registration allots separate and simple provision. The single name can be using for the chain of business without any fear. Suppose the new business people ready to shine and start their chain of business, at that time it will be applicable. A catch phrase of television show is registering under the trademark.

Accordingly, unaware of the owner this tagline is infringement commit via a greeting card company. This sue is taking in front of tribunal. As the filing name the owner getting favour from law. And the company is facing the economic crisis and penalty. Moreover, all are less know that the trademark can sell for rending purpose. A proper agreement need for this purpose.

Trademark objection with weird reasons:

Trademark issues are not only standing on such major issues. Minor issues are also coming day by day process. World fame confectionary, Cadbury is not escape from the trademark complexity. The name is successfully trademarking as per the norms of government. But the background, design, colour are the factors creating problems in their case. Cadbury packing process all are successfully registering under the year 1995. But the effective opponent nestles raise their appeal on the shade of chocolate col0ur using in their outline cover. Obviously, United Kingdom law court is also shows its objection.

Rectification of trademark register and their alternation

With attention, even lemon shaping container is facing this objection issue against the real lemon. The lemon exporter is wisely registering trademark with peculiar shape. But the container maker fails in it. So, law obviously favour for the trademark owner.


Eventually, trademark registration is not a major task. Eventually, it is gaining importance among the higher end products. Essence and importance of trademark is safe one while it filing in the registration level. Suppose, the name availability choosing through other party. Surely, it is a great complex. Business is rapid changing field. It never stands as stable one. So, be aware of the competition choose your best trademark with perfect attorneys.

Chiefly, comparing with other countries, Indian business market has a mass competition. Suitable selection of trademark and tagline is always a necessary thing. These above cases are just sample for the importance of trademark filing. Not only common people huge business people but also not exclude from the trademark trap.


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