Trademark parts and trademark registration in Coimbatore:

Trademark parts registration is seems to be a new thing. But it is not a big difference from trademark or brand name registration. Trademarks including the using of names as living persons, persons recently died are identical one. These things are gaining importance. Obviously, Coimbatore is the growing destination for colleges, IT sectors and textile relating business hub. Comparing to other cities, business opportunities are well in Coimbatore.

Trademark parts and trademark registration in Coimbatore

For instance, there are some essential things to know before registering trademark and its usage. Trade and merchandise marks are following under separate provision and acts. The use of such name is requiring the legal representation. Let’s see the basic amendments are rules following in the brand name registration.

Trademark parts and its registration:

Consequently, trademark or other trademark and its representation is coming as name. It should be furnish with proper legal consent writing. The consent person must give approval for using his name. Or otherwise, the nominee of the person who was dead, also show his fulfilling response on using his name. It is common that Coimbatore is a well growing city in business and overall development. Such city is already filling with lot of trademark registration.

Subsequently, comparing to elegant and stylish trademark names, living person name is most suitable one for business development. Default process of refusing trademark application is a common one. Getting the competitive trademark name is a complex process. Such personality name is validates until twenty years from the date of registration.

Trademark parts registration process:

Meanwhile, the trademark which comes with the natural person name, or portrait. These elements are common one in the brand name filing. In that time, the applicant must disclose the name of the person. Whose name or portrait using on the label is precious one. Unauthorized use of pictorial representation is punishable one. Proprietor of trademark can claim exclusive use on the registering mark.

Trademark case and complexities around the world:

Though, it is considering as the independent trademark. It should satisfy and fill the mandatory condition at trademark filing. Description of goods and description of service is important one in the material clarification. These are common one in the trademark registration. All are seems to be similar but getting importance in a single situation.

Trademark parts filing steps:

Although, trademarks are mainly separate into two sections. One is goods and other one is service. Particular Statement is prepares relating the goods or service which business will undertake. Statement number, price, quality name of places are base of registering trademark. Non –distinctive using of character is must helpful one. It never affects the other trademarks in the conditions of copy or other similarities. Using colours are also important one.

Although, business market may confuse the consumers with similar styles of logo. To avoid the internal clashes, these norms are following in the trademark registration. All colours and designs are gaining its notable function in trademark parts.

Trademark parts and trademark series:

Even though, composite trademark includes with two or more distinctive elements. Whole trademark or each distinctive part can be separately register. Single trademark or whole trademark registration is not processing in a same time. Trademark registration parts are valuable process. Each part of the trademark can stand alone and protect the exclusive use. Trademark registration is prohibit the unaware using of parts from its proprietor.

Additionally, Logo registration is a safeguarding process. It needs to satisfy the requirement from section 9, 11 and 18. The separate part of trademark registration not appearing as distinctive one. Separate part registration is helpful one. Consideration of whole trademark, separate part of trademark will helpful one and assure the distinctiveness.

Trademark part as Electrolux:

Identically, an application for registration especially for trademark cannot deem. This type of trademark registration not directly affects the lux brand. It is not taking as the use of lux as a separate thing.

Similarly, the adding of the phrase lux is mean for mere quality indication. Otherwise character, designation is not registrable one. It is the base prohibition in the trademark filing. The registrar of trademark registration should assure declaration on such formal completion.

Incidentally, statement in number, size, price, quality, quantity, geographical origin, Conventional design and ornamentation all are considerable one as trademark parts. Trademark registration is coming in series. It mainly clears the barrier of registration in abroad. It is generally not possible to select trademark suitable for all countries.

Trademark part VS trademark series:

Simultaneously, using different types of labels and its registration can be differs each other from minor components. Trademark registration is coming with series process all the copies need to submit. It is the prescribing rule following in the trademark series registration.

Yet, each trademark series is accompanying in the application. Collecting fee for trademark registration part, single trademark and trademark series are same. But the using of goods and it description must be same.

Moreover, two set of goods may come with the same description allowing to place in varying classes. Suppose, the series registration fall in different class it is almost not possible one. Goods come with same class and not with same description also not taking for the series of trademark registration.

Trademark part and series in class 23:

For instance, where series trademarks are claiming under cotton yarn, sewing thread is not possible for goods. It is falling in the same class no 23. It is treating as goods come under different description. In such trademark cases all marks are comprise in series with respect of goods. Division of application under the section 22 is following crucial rules in the trademark registration.

  • With attention, division of single pending application as per the approval of registrar can divide into two or more separate applications.
  • For instance, each divisional application as a separate application file with same date as the initial application with proper power of trademark registrar.
  • Hence, On initial application any action at any time implement through the applicant without consideration of divisional application and it date of registration
  • As usual, single application dividing not affecting with new registration. It is protecting as individual files.

Trademark part as a colour:

In fact, there is separate section allocate for analyse the difference on respect of colour. Trademarks are allowing for use one or more specific colours. These limitations are allowing for showcase the distinctiveness.

Therefore, regardless of colour limit, it is taking as registering for all colours. This series of trademarks are calling as associate trademarks. Trademark registration process is completes with the filing of TM-A. It is following the details of statement of user and the proposal for such trademark using.

Rectification of trademark register and their alternation

Furthermore, representation of trademark is the secondary thing following in this trademark registration process. Representation of trademark showcase is not exceed the fixing measurement of 8 cm × 8 cm. Shape of goods and is packing all are essential factors in the trademark representation.

Rules for representation trademark:

As well as, applicant’s statement is an effective one for new trademark registration. Combination of colours are using as the distinctive feature and it mention as same as the statement. Applications are available for reproduction of trademark in the same combination features.

Similarly, three dimension trade mark is a good one for drafting an effective trademark design. Other than these things two dimensional graphic or photographic reproductions also allow.

Meantime, the trademark registrar is not satisfies with the trademark parts submitting for the approval. On that crucial situation 2 to 5 month time period is offering for next call upon .Different views seems on the trademark applicant need to submit specimen of the trademark to prove the trademark parts clearly.

Trademark consisting as sound:

Especially, resubmission of trademark comes with lot facilities. Sound tracks also one of the parts of trademark using parts. For such reproduction of trademark relating to the sound comes with the submission of MP3 format.

Generally, it also comes with certain limitation. It should not exceed 30 seconds more. Clearly audible contents are selecting in the trademark representation. Audible replaying are accompany with a graphical representation.

Particularly, Trademark registration is coming under the permissible grounds. Single application can register in more than one class. Suppose the registrar considering it is not eligible, surely the applicant must delete the trademark registration without any second thought.

Association of trademark:

Conversely, association of trademark parts are important one for series of trademark registration comes with certain degree of requirements. Association trademarks must be identical one with another trademark.

Beyond all, near resemblance may confuse and reduce the trust on each product and service. Associate trademark must come in the same proprietor name. Description wise same goods or same service and same description is requiring for the perfect registration.

In spite of Objection and dissolutions are common one in the association of trademark. Obviously, registrar of jurisdiction is allowing the associative trademark with limiting cases. Complete right of dissolution and objection all are sole decision of trademark registrar.

Trademark as disclaimer:

Despite of, trademark and merchandise mark laws are following to offer the effective ideas on trademark registration. In trademark cases disclaimer is considering only in the place of non-distinctive elements.

Additionally, disclaimer does not acquire any special rights but disclaimer is crucial one for getting the provision. Voluntary disclaimers are incorporate in the United Kingdom trademark acts. In earlier acts disclaimers are imposing one.

Specifically, trademark registry continues to impose conditions in the particular area of trademark registration. All the matters of the conditions are respectable one. These norms are protecting the registering trademark and offer the exclusive and independent use. So, the explicit procedures all are follow to safeguard your trademark parts.


Chiefly, there is a plenty of ways and process are following to gain and protect the own trademark. If any infringement finds on the trademark it can be approach the tribunal and additional suits. For strong support of law, it should get register.

While, Trademark registration and its priority date is the primary thing for the trademark registration process. Once the trademarking properly register under law, it will be flexible one according to the further modifications.


Besides, series trademark and single trademark as a whole all are comes with clear idea of registration process. Trademark can be use with associative and series of trademark. All are helpful one for further level of business progress. So, trademark part and selection of trademark must apt to commencing business.


Being a trademark registration comes with lot of legal procedures like application filing, submission, approval, opposition, hearing, statement submission, journal publication. These things are now a day conceal by the trademark registering parties. The full progress of trademark registration is complete with the trademark lawyers and attorneys.

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