Rectification and correction procedures following in the trademark registration:

Assignment deed procedures following in Trademark registration

Rectification and correction procedures following in the trademark registration:

Assignment deed procedures following in Trademark registration

Vinitha October 17, 2019

Assignment deed procedure in Trademark registration:

Assignment deed is executing one to have their right on the time of assignor ceases to prove their right on the trademark registration. As a rule it is not open to the assignor to cancel the assignment by means of communication. Deed of assignment can only be cancelling under the provisions of specific relief act, 1963. Assignment deed is framing under the base of the petitioner as a response from his side. The failure to comply with the terms of partition needs the obligatory process of the assignment deed process. Record proof of assigned and registration of trademark always has a benefit in the side of the trademark owner.

Assignment deed with apt evidence:

Under the provision of section 44 of the trademark and merchandise marks act, 1958 it is usable one. Obviously, two parties are claiming and try to prove their rights on the trademark registration. Transmission on the trademark is maintaining under the frame work of the act to get registering under the proper name. Furthermore, as per the proviso to that section, their validity of an assignment or transmission is disputed, the registrar may refuse the logo registration. This process held until the rights of the parties have been determined by competent court. Logo Registration process shall not take with the lawful way.

Assignment deed procedures following in Trademark registration

Separate registration as per the rule 82:

Pursuance of an application is to register the title of the transferee under rule 75 and as the result of the division and separation of the goods of a trademark registration. Separation of places, markets, different persons become separately registered under the same registration number as subsequent proprietors of a trademark. Each of the separate resulting separate registration in the names of those different persons will be deemed to be a separate brand name registration for all the purposes of the act. Corresponding section 33 of UK act of 1905 is getting importance as reference. This application made by the assignees to register their title.

Assignment deed with application for rectification:

Application for rectification of the register was taken to the court by the assignees and an application behind the motions is keenly hearing one. It is held by Clauson J that in an application under section 33 of the UK act of 1905. Trademark registration bound in investigating the title of an assignee to satisfy himself that as between the assignor and assignee are bounding the assignment deed. True construction of the document and assignment of trademark need to clarify for further avoid the complexities on the trademark registration. Trademark registrar is not entitled to go behind the terms of the assignment and other assignment deed procedures.

Assignment deed procedures following in Trademark registration

Assignment of pending application:

There is no provision in the act for registration of an assignment of a pending application for trademark registration. Such mark non-associated with the existing registration is the common procedure in the trademark filing process. Once the trademark is assigned the assignor cannot in the eye of the law have any interest in the trademark assigned and assignee a person interested in logo filing representing the common opposition is inevitable one. Trademark registrar cannot go behind the terms of assignment and making the true and effective construction of the trademark application filing is getting its pivotal role.

Assignment disputes between the parties:

Sub section (3) clearly depicts the case procedures and dispute between the parties as to the validity of the assignment or transmission. Registrar may refuse to register the assignment or transmission until the rights of the parties have been determining through the competent court. Trademark filing follows all these legal procedures without any flaw. Good title of the application on the legal proceeding noticing under the logo filing procedures. As subsequent way, proprietor ought to normally rise under section 45 of the logo filing process. It is the special section connecting with the application for the rectification of the trademark registration under the section 57.

Registrar’s refusal:

Registrar’s refusal to register the trademark or other relating transmission will naturally arise only before the actual change is effecting in the register. Assignor may complain that the assignment is invalid or circumstances entitling for repudiate the transaction. Similarly in the case of transmission changes are needs to maintain in the registrar. Application form TM-P has been allowing for dispute arisal. Document or instrument functioning under the roles and norms are framing under the sub section. Registrar, Appellate board and courts are the central places where the major changes and expecting obstacles are directly applicable one.

Assignment dispute and registrar:

While trademark registration assignment disputes between the two parties, registrar may show discretion, refuse to register the assignment or transmission until the rights of parties have been determining only through the competent court. Since the proviso invests the registrar with such discretion which in the facts and circumstances of the case he may or may not exercise. The court would not like to superimpose its own will. Registrar is bound to give an opportunity to be heard to the parties to the dispute. Trend of the opinion of the court in this point is that principles of justice would be applicable in the brand name registration simplification. Pre-decisional opportunity must be granting to the parties.


Business is a wide process. Direct and genuine business is requiring the essential elements. In this sense, the Trademark registration is creating the connectivity between the business asset and the intellectual properties. Trust and stamp of the business is creating through the registration. More than other registration process logo filing has its own value. Now not only the company registration but also the trademark registration is the obligatory process to run a successful business empire. Choose the business name and logo is the primary works and the initial brick of the successful empire construction. It just not a trademark the real business mark and the easy brand communication between the client and the company.


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