Affidavit importance and international registration steps for trademark

Compatibility of trademark Act in India

Affidavit importance and international registration steps for trademark

Compatibility of trademark Act in India

Vinitha July 16, 2019

Compatibility of Trademark Act and its features:

Compatibility of trademark Act is following the major properties and provisions of the Paris convention of protection of Industrial property.  TRIPS agreement joins in the list as a major part. TRIPS agreement is the major part of the Intellectual property. Trademark registration is obligatory to follow these provisions for easy registration. The immaculate provisions in India have been easing the International agreement. The role of Paris convention is the well-known for the protection of industrial property in all other countries.

Compatibility of trademark Act its importance in India | Solubilis

To resolve the common prejudice is the central for the formation of this convention. Trademark registration alters its amalgamation in step by step. Trademark Act, 1999 is the base of the trademark and it provisions. The compatibility of trademark faces lot of changes to simply the process. Let’s have the overlook of the influence and agreement of the special provisions in Brand name registration.

Compatibility of trademark section 155:

Section 155 of the trademark registration is the special provision. It is the reciprocity enacts that if any country as the same to their own countries principles. There is not a special separation following in the border level. It is noticing in the legal gazette. Address p-roof is requiring for register the logo registration in other abroad countries. Industrial property rights are common one for all. For the Indian citizen, he has to submit his domicile proof for registration process.

The law provisions of each country is relating to judicial and administrative procedure. These judicial details are keenly mentioning with the service and which category the industrial property will reserve. It is the basic one for the agents who are caring this responsibility of trademark filing. Article 2 (3) is totally exceptional to the Paris Convention. As per the procedural nature administrative and judicial prospective it is valid against the foreigners. These are effective one on the elements of security of cost and giving address.

Compatibility of trademark in security cost:

As per the section 21(6) of trademark act, brand name filing contains a provision for security. Before registration, the service fee is mandatory it allows the Indian citizen to submit their basic requirements for further proceedings. It is exceptional one for the foreigners. In India, the address of the applicant needs to submit their address. Whether he is an Indian or foreigner it is mandatory one. To state the application status as opposition deeming it will purposeful one. The documents and applications relating to opposition or objection are sending via post.

Article 4 covers the forms of industrial property. Similarly, the Paris convention is noticing the priority claim on the basis of date of registration. It is common for regular application. There is no special things are requiring to process the earlier logo filing.  For the protection purpose the registration date gaining importance in the trademark procedure. Later applications are not stand as strong before the effective filing. To prove his priority the applicant should submit all the requirement of details. It is clearly mentioning in section 154.

The common requirements of Paris Convention:

The common requirement is not differ from the common application. It is similar to the national filing.  Proper examination is effective one for the trademark registration process. In this examination period, other accomplishment of acts, another filing, publication, exploitation, copies of the design observing one through the examiner. It cannot be the personal possession of third party. Suppose, the third party contains such priority the new application is not valid one. The acquiring of the registration is giving phase for domestic legislation.

Comparing to the trademark registration, Patent registration is comes with utility model. The successor of the intellectual property can enjoy their purpose of filing in other countries too. The revenue wise the stable invention helping a lot for the business progress. Bilateral and multi-lateral treaties are concluding between the unions and countries. The fixing of priority date starts from here. Treaties on the intellectual property are giving the rise to the priority. The priority period refers to more than twelve months for patents. For other rights it will just take six months of time period.

Date from the first application filing:

Application is concerning with same subject as previously or similar to the first paragraph it taking with certain consideration. The subject of the application seems to be similar with other one, it will next checking to the country and union. All these things are similar it will move out from the brand name registration process. There is another chance for such case is the primary applicant need to withdraw or abandoning one from the register. These criteria are keenly noticeable at the time of public inspection. Moreover, equal to the registration renewal process is meticulously notable procedure.

A distinguish quality of logo registration process is the most crucial one. It is gaining the grad of independent mark. Moreover, it shall register in other country with the unique degree, it is considering as the independent mark. Collective mark should be in the control of law in the country. The association of mark also follow the law procedure without any fail. The judging procedure varies from country to country. A collective trademark easily refuses it protection when it lacks public interest.

False indications in the intellectual property:

Seizure on importation, goods bearing false indication and identity of the producer are coming into this category. Article 10 of this provision is directly or indirectly mentioning the false provisions. In addition to the Trademark filing process the same trademark filing in other countries not affect the registration process. The phrase, “registering” is not a simple thing. It utters the proper and thorough checking held on this trademark. More than that, it is flawlessly following the trademark act norms. Indian law is territorial. Registration of a trademark and maintaining of the trademark is solely governing under Indian law.

Compatibility of trademark on collective marks:

Article 7bis of Paris convention offers the proper protection of the trademark to the individual. The suitable provisions of trademark registration are following in the collective trademark sections of 61 to 68 of the act. Indication of source is the important criteria in the brand name filing process. Appellations of origin and indications of source, object protection are the major elements in the Paris Convention. Via the article 1(2), article 10 and 10bis contain provisions on the protection of indications source. Inter alia provides for seizure, importation of source and false bearing are same to same notable one in this treaty too.

Corresponding provision for trademark act, 1999:

Confusion and deception are the ruing factors in the logo filing process. It is common one for the goods importing from the outside of India. To secure this process, central government issue the notification under section 139.The origin of the indication provision are coming into this category. Address notification of the manufacturer are detailing under the section appendix 9 of the notification. Honest practices of industrial and commercial matters are protecting through trademark registration and infringement is never occurring one. If any chances for them sec 27 preserve the right for the trademark owner.

Compatibility law to eradicate the offence:

Article 61 in the TRIPS agreement is designing to make penalties on criminal procedures. Including, the remedies like imprisonment, monetary fines and seizure and destruction of infringing goods. Such implements are predominant in the trademark registration process. This commission of offences are elaborating in the chapter XII. The various types of offences are also including under this specific sections. Before the establishment of statutory registration of trademark it is acquiring through the public user. Due to infringement court determines simply inter parts against the persons. It is not mean the whole group. Definitely the sole participation of the trademark owner is notable. Naturally, litigation process is time consuming, tedious and high cost.

Compatibility and advantages of trademark registration:

Every distinctive mark need to register for proper protection. Additional methods of right are acquiring only through brand name registration. Registration is acting as the prima facie evidence and duration of the original trademark stands until the original registration. Extensive advertisement will lack the distinctive quality before the registration. False representation is the major evil consideration in the trademark registration process. The maintenance of the registered trademark is following under the section 6 of the provision. Registration is a collateral security. It offers the direct remedy with cheap cost. India is one of the signatory members in Paris Convention. To enjoy the right of property privilege it is important treaty.

Trademark amendment act, 2010:

The amendments are brings out from the trademark act, 1999. These latest amendments are enabling India to join the Madrid Protocol. A number of countries are obtaining it as an international protection for logo registration. A single application with one fee and in one language is transmitting into other languages. International bureau of world intellectual property organization is situating in Geneva. In India trademark registry, Indian applications getting their Madrid Protocol. As WIPO record23632 international registrations are protecting through this protocol. 11600 applications are under examination process.924 marks are getting their approval. So, the global level recognition is possible with this registration process.

Corresponding enactments in trade and merchandise marks:

Norms of the provision mainly deals with the false trade description and identical marks in the trademark filing. Relative ground of refusal is taking it dominant part in the trademark act 1958. Nearly resembling, similar marks are undoubtedly rejecting one. Infringement on the trademark comes in the separate section. Limits and effects of the trademark and it places are notable in the expression under “identical or nearly resemble”. These long lasting lists of the trademark protection is protecting from section 1 to 134. The usage of the trademark should not deceive the common consumer. Every trademark case lays down in different criteria. The Bombay high court is following certain principles on deceiving similarity.

Summary of the features:

Brand name filing follows the main idea or other salient features of the business.

Mark with general impression and significant details not in the manner of photographic collection.

Overall similarity is a benchmark

The first look or the impression on the mark should not be clumsy.

Overall structure, phonetic similarity, similarity of idea, visual and phonetic tests are applying in the features brand name filing.

Verbal descriptions:

A trade description can in the form of written or print stamping. A verbal description of the product or service is not a big issue in the law constitution. A tea company made their infringement by their external description of two half pound. The actual weight of the tea is a pound. Remaining part are includes with the paper wrapper. This case is investigated by the divisional court. The false trade description is the main is the loop hole of the case.  Logo filing must follow the meaning of the trademark act. Good sale with false description should prevent via this trademark registration compatibility.


Compatibility of trademark act is not just a procedure it is the commitment of the business owner over consumer. As before law, he assures that the effective progress of business is handling through his administration. Untrue and misleading way of business easily loses its importance. Many products keep their secure name in the prestigious position in the market. Obviously, many product relating businesses are roofing under the private limited company registration. To secure the reputation of product and service such registration processes are inevitable.


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