Non- registrability choices following in the trade mark registration

Important features in Trademark registration

Non- registrability choices following in the trade mark registration

Important features in Trademark registration

Vinitha July 24, 2019

Important features in Trademark filing:

“Important features of trademark are crucial one for applying trademark registration in India. Accordingly, the familiar rules and important norms will help to ease the trademark registration process in India”.

Important features of trademark are crucial one for applying trademark registration in India. Accordingly, the familiar rules and important norms will help to ease the trademark registration process in India. Goods and service are relating trademark process following under the Trademark Act.

To begin with, from the trademark registration office to the various issues on the trademark like objection, opposition, publishing on journal and hearing process all are gaining it important features in the trademark registration process. The appropriate office on the work of trademark registration compiles the important features with the proper legalities. The proper features of the brand name registrations are coming under the territorial limits of the registration office.

Important sections in the trademark registration:

Generally, the basic procedure of trademark registration and its application form comes under the section 18. The application procedure is the important features in the trademark process. All the changes and modifications in the trademark filing following the unique application form. For example, the opposition of the trademark application framing with the norms of the trademark section 21.

Additional sections in trademark registration:

Peculiarly, the important process of removing trademark is coming under the section of 47. Suppose the varying of trademark or cancelling the wrong trademark should meet the important norms of section 57.Business people, who are eager to doing the trademark registration and other modification, should meet the above mentioning sections in the Trademark Act. The date of registration is one of the important features to be noticing in the logo registration.

Why the trademark registration date is important?

At the time of objection, rising on the trademark the date of registration is the important and crucial factor deciding its owner. Moreover, the long term using term is also gaining it important role at the time of hearing before the Indian law. So, never ignore the minor and important details of usage of date, registration of date at the important time of facing objection and hearing on the brand name filing . The proofs on the legal documents to checking of invoice all are based on the date of usage. However, you file the trademark name, it will be beneficial to protect the name and secure your brand name of business.

Classification of goods:

As usual, both the name and classification of the goods and service be suitable to the business purpose. As per the Indian law, the important classification section entitle as “NICE Classification”. With consideration of WIPO Indian trademark law following the classification. Logo filing process never ignore this process.

Important features in WIPO:

Correspondingly, WIPO stands for the World Intellectual Property Organization. In this portal the classification numbers and its appropriate service are keenly mentioning in it.Of course, many of the application on the trademark registration face the objection only by lacking clarity on the application. Try to avoid these basic errors for fast filing. Now a days much more applications filing for the approval of its brand name.

Processes in the trademark registration:

Commonly, the official working days which are taking on the trademark approving is the important to know the status of the brand name filing. Chiefly taking care on the issuing time period will be helpful one for the further process on the trademark application. The common and generic names are not allowing in the trademark approval. Try to choose unique name. If the important condition ignoring at the time of registration, it will lead to the rejection.

Trademark issue process:

Chiefly, important to follow the basic rules and conditions of both registrar and government norms will save your trademark filing process. The registrar has the right to cancel the trademark, if it lacking the norms of Trademark Law. The perfect submission of trademark application will less the issues. The issue –free application will approve by the registrar with in the 30 days working period.

The important features of notification:

For instance, the desired quality of trademark registration is it’s up to date progress. From the cancellation to objection all the issues are directly take to the submitter or the specified applicant. If the registrar will take the important decision of cancel any application, he will mention the proper reason behind it.

Above all, for benefit of the applicant the registrar may giving other chance of modifying application or hearing will announce. First of all, the hearing process require the statement or considerable reason asking from the applicant. It is important one. The appearing and valid reasons submitting before the registrar will show the positive to attain the trademark.

Examination process:

Subsequently, it is one of the important steps in the trademark registration processes. Through the examination process the merits and demerits of the trademark will analyse. The earlier trademarks all are taken in to the account at the time of examination. Suppose, the examiner have doubt on a trademark he may order for further examination.It is the process of research, re-examination all are possible in the trademark process.

As a rule, to show the distinctiveness such approaches are inevitable. The examiner must submit his examination report. It is important one to know the opposition on the brand name filing. Obviously, the applicant must show their response in the written communication. If they failed to do that the application will treat as abandoned one.

Importance features of trademark:

Identically, these are the important and salient feature following in the important procedure of the trademark registration. Trademark is the only asset outspoken about your business service. Many brands around the world prove their important quality through the good business running. Trademark filing is comes under the Intellectual Property Right. So, securing the importance of trademark is the basic right of the business man.


However,the business people who are dreaming about the long business running must do their logo registration. Many of the trademarks and common names are also using in the business market. They may never utter under the trademark registration. It may use by the many people. So, Trademark registration not a compulsory one, if they want to own the business man, they can apply it. Import to note that, the proper registration not allows other person to enjoy your name usage

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