Non- registrability choices following in the trade mark registration

Non- registrability choices following in the trade mark registration

Non- registrability choices following in the trade mark registration

Non- registrability choices following in the trade mark registration

Vinitha December 10, 2019

Non-registrability of marks in trademark filing:

Non- registrability of trademarks is always a complicated one. Trademark registration is consisting of letters, numerals and both combinations. Prima facie is not distinctive one. To make the distinctive marks especially in textile goods special provisions are made in this non-registrability of trademark. Neither the act nor the rules contained any definition of the expression mentioning on the line heading. Line woven is taking as the term and condition as the prescribing process. It is impossible in certain condition of the line heading. Line headings are ornamental borders to taste of purchaser. It is the major rule following in India. Peculiarly, rule 146 declaring to clarify the textile and goods relating trademark filing process.

Non- registrability choices following in the trade mark registration

Non- registrability conditions:

The basic conditions for non-registrability focus on certain capabilities. It is need to know before indulge in the trademark registration procedure. Any numerals of one digit or more than six digits are not being a balanced numeral. Balanced numeral means a trademark consisting of either identical numerals or letters. It should not less than three and mot more than seven digits. The consideration of single letter is also taking as the digit in the process of trademark registration. Using of single letter or other combination of letters of more than six digits, not being a balanced numeral. Numeral and letter combination need not to exceed the limit of eight digits. Letter fractions are also taking into the major process.

Non- registrability choices following in the trade mark registration

General rules:

Any fraction or letter fraction having less than three digits together is the primary condition following in the trademark registration procedure. Combination of fraction or letter and fraction form need not to be more than six digits. Any combination of numerals, letters, fractions either having more than eight digits or ending with a fraction of more than one digit in the numerator or in the denominator. It is usual that cloth dimensions are representing through the numeral usage. Balanced numeral that does not consist of at least two more or two less digits than a balanced numeral of the same series already registered in the name of a different person in respect of the same goods or description of goods in the trademark filing.


As per rule 147 since deleted provided as to what marks were likely to deceive or cause confusion, where it consisted of numerals, letters, fractions or any combination thereof and thus not capable being registered. Piece goods, such as are ordinarily sell in length or piece that manufacturing, bleaching, dying, printing, finishing in any form of premise. In trademark registration all are considering in the same view. It is very useful one at the time of export of goods from India. Without any conspicuous stamping process is undergoes for the process regarding the standard of yards. Whole sale purchasers are obligatory to use this element for the process of trademark filing. It is very helpful one for the business enlargement.

Non- registrability choices following in the trade mark registration

Non-registrability with bundles:

Cotton yarns are certainly selling in the mode of bundles. These bundles can come in any form. Handicraft to modern trend of thread all are using as the process of business. Sec 82 of the trademark registration regarding section explains that certain rules are not removing one. They need to follow as per the stable way. Particularly, the rules and norms which are made under the section 82 shall exempt all premises where the work is done via members of one family with or without the assistance. While the trademark registration process takes more than ten employees it can use as a co-operative society. But this limit not acceptable with the limit exceeds more than twenty. Just note all these elements especially for the textile relating registration.

Determination characters:

Central government is specially taking care on this trademark registration. Strict norms and procedures are framing for the sampling purposes. Uniform number, quantity, measure, gauge, are taking for the sample purpose. Section 81 means that the exemption of premises can cotton yarn and thread usage under the provisional section. Class and goods declaration are expressing through its mode of sale. Not only the brand name registration but also the custom act expresses it vital use in the registration procedure. Result of testing sampling process also follow the pre occupies procedure according to the prescribe manners in the sub section.  Trademark consultants are easily knows all the basic procedures in the filing purpose.

Non-registrability in appellate board:

Appellate board gives it primary importance issues regarding the trademark registration. Moreover, the trademark registration is officially noticing under the special gazette. Registration regarding opposition, objection, examination and journal publication are the complex step involves with the many issues. So, the appellate board taking its primary care on the registering marks in the gazette. Non- register trademarks are lacking its importance before this appellate board. On such situation textile and other goods relating industries need to be care on their quantity and measurement additionally to the logo registration procedures. Earlier registration is always beneficial one. Get consultation from the expertise trademark attorney team.

Non- registrability choices following in the trade mark registration

Intellectual property board:

Brand name filing is one of the major intellectual properties in India. Similar to the Copyright, Design registration and geographical indication and patent registration trademark also very crucial one for the business purpose. Many clauses and modifications are keenly binding one in this registration procedure. According to the 1993 bill, the trademark appellate board is designed and modification relating processes are taking into the major consideration. Relevant laws are relating to the intellectual property amendment. Appellate board and registrar are the same. The decision of the registrar binds with the norms of the appellate board at the time of the logo registration.


Brand name registration is one of the essential registration now comes similar to the company registration procedure. Top brands and businesses are easily identifies through the trademark registration process. Provisions of the trademark act not withstand any other provisions or acts. Every government process and provisions are simply means the particular procedure of act. Beyond that it will not extendable one. Brand name registration paves the way for the actual asset of the business. Don’t lose your desire name just lack your interest in the trademark registration. Solubilis trademark team will help you in every step of trademark registration procedure. Get your services with the perfect business planner.

Non- registrability choices following in the trade mark registration

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