Use of IPR in the development international market

Register user participation in the trademark registration

Use of IPR in the development international market

Register user participation in the trademark registration

Vinitha November 1, 2019

Register user right in trademark registration:

Register user is playing the majority role for gaining the basic rights in the trademark registration. This registration is recently gaining the priority in the business market. Obviously, business development is the main cause for this trafficking of trademark. Register users are enjoying the authorization and trademark license peculiarly in the place of proprietor right. Right to register a mark on a person not only intends to use it himself but also contemplating others to use it. The owners who are having this trademark license enjoy subsidiaries and independent manufacturers with their own operation need to bear and produce the product with the register trademark.

Register user participation in the trademark registration

Register users permit:

Commonly, the use of trademark registration is the indispensable tool for the business organization. Frequently, the use of trademark is highly has its advantage in both national and international zone. Trademark often offer the profitable use through the exchange for a license fee or royalty. Provision acts regarding the trademark filing is massively supporting the register users only. They are often pronouncing as the proposed user. Use of trademark by licensee under a bare license is objectionable as inherently likely to deceive is commonly occur in the business in any mode of stream. After proper registration potentiality of deception is very less one.

Rectification of trademark register and their alternation

Register user of licensee:

For their quality assurance customers rely on the self-interest of the owner. They assume that if a license has been granted the owner suitable license with the trademark registration. Special value and interest on the brand name is respecting one.  Inherent rights of the trademark registration are one of the intellectual properties of a business.  It is protection is always valuable one for the long -lasting safeguard of the business. As per the provision liberty, for the register user’s brand name registration value is giving in a full extension. Name using is one of the respective process, it is the first and fore most appeal among the customer. Don’t lose it.

Franchising agreement in trademark license:

Franchising agreement is broader in scope than simple trademark registration. Too many definitions are proposing for the description of the franchisor, in exchange for consideration franchisee operation need to know in full extension. It is the form of particular business allows another person to use the system in accordance with standards and practices. Moreover, it is considering as the assistant support for the business improvisation. Logo registration and other intellectual property rights are coming into this section. Other intellectual properties can be Industrial design registration, patent and copyright. Especially, trade secrets are relevantly protecting under this trademark license process.

Register user participation in the trademark registration

Register users franchise process:

Fast food restaurant such as McDonald’s hotels such as holiday inn are perhaps better known examples of franchising system. According to WIPO, franchising is practiced in more than 70 countries around the world Trademark registration is very useful and subordinate for the franchising process. Franchise food retailers are one of the giants in the business field. Overall food account sales in the market are crossing 90% and more. Franchising agreement is the right of the licensor as the same brand name registration is playing the essential role and exercise control over the quality of the product are frequent system of business improvisation.

Trademark and quality assurance:

Subsequently, trademark registration is often noticing one in the business with certain reasons. A trademark is a badge of origin or source. Function of trademark is to distinguish goods having one business source from goods having different business source. Easy and unique recognition is the good will of the overall business. Business source of goods is as old as trading itself. A maker of goods seeks to acquire and maintain a reputation for the quality of his goods there by encouraging customers to prefer his goods to those of his competitors. Placing the renewing mark on his goods to differentiate from others is the perfect characteristics of trademark filing.

Register user’s choice quality:

Although the use of trademark registration is important and founding on customers concern about the quality of goods on offer, a trademark does not itself amount to a representation of quality. Rather it indicates that the goods are of the standard which the proprietor is content to distribute under his banner. Privy Council is one of the advising bodies functioning in the parliament in England.  Business relating issues are also coming into the consideration of this Privy Council. This Council encourages the Logo registration proceeding for the smooth running of business. Minister’s participation is the central thing and the importance in this council conduction. Privy Council gives importance for Design registration, barcode registration and other essential proceedings.

Register user and their practical implications:

During the period of trademark registration some customers may associate the trademark with the exclusive license does not mean that it has become deceptive or that it lacks distinctiveness. During the license period the goods come from only one source, name the license and the mark are distinctive of that source. The position after the license has ended is different. Then the right to use the trademark reverts to the proprietor of the mark.  Trademark filing is changing one from one hand to other. Change of the source never affects the inheritance of its deceptiveness. Such a change occurs whenever a trademark changes one hand to other hand.

Suit for perpetual injunction in Trademark registration

Trademark registration is now one of the compulsive procedures coming into the running of a business. Distinctiveness, Apt to the business and innovativeness are the basic characteristics of the good trademark. Trademark filing follows the Vienna codification, NICE classification and so on. WIPO also encourages the trademark registration in the global level to avoid the same mark between the two parties. Trademark law has undergone substantial changes under the trademark act. India’s commitment to the Paris convention and the TRIPS agreement is easily accessing one in the trademark registration. Section 18 of the act provides that any person claiming to be the proprietor of the trademark used or proposed to be used.


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Assignment deed procedures following in Trademark registration

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