Rectification and correction procedures following in the trademark registration:

Registration of Trademark processes and its legalities

Rectification and correction procedures following in the trademark registration:

Registration of Trademark processes and its legalities

Vinitha September 21, 2019

Registration of trademark processes and its legalities:

Registration of trademark process is taking as the primary right of the business. It is the legal name and identity of your branding of business. Trademark registration comes with more legality. In addition to it is slightly differed from the mode of business and the use of business people. Moreover, the basic idea of the trademark designed by the rule under the Trade Marks Act, 1999.As well as the particular rules and norms are followed under the Trade Mark Rules, 2002. Every steps of trademark registration keenly categorizes under the Trademark laws.

Registration of Trademark processes and its legalities

Registration Acts :

From the signing to all activities of the registration of Trademark comes under formal legal laws and amendments. The slight changes and common problems faced by the business people in the particular case of trademark registration discussed here.As well as the particular rules and norms are followed under the Trade Mark Rules, 2002.

Every steps of trademark registration keenly categorize under the Trademark laws. In fact, from the signing to all activities of the registration of Trademark comes under formal legal laws and amendments. Although the slight changes and common problems faced by the business people in the particular case of registration of trademark discussed here.

 Registration of trademark for the partnership concern:

At the time, registration of trademark comes with the a common dilemma that who would have the right on trademark? As per the legal laws, all the sections the form of trademark application must be allow to sign one of the authorized persons of the firm. Apart from that the person two or more can use the registration of trademark. And also they can be use it in two ways

The single person can independently take the rights.

The partnership firm also allow their registration of trademark as joint proprietors.

Registration for business partners:

Consequently, these conditions come with certain restricted norms and exceptions. They use it effectively only on the business purposes. Other than that, they not allowed enjoying the right on the behalf of the business partners or a single partner possesses this right on his shoulder. As per the joint proprietor, trademark is valid only the persons those all are involved in the trade. Apart the business they never enjoy the right on it. Specially, the joint proprietor valid the time of all is involved in the business course. Registration of trademark as joint proprietor comes under the trademark section 24.

Name in the trademark form:

  • In the meantime, registration of trademark application comes with lot of formalities. In this form the name space is considered one the important factors. In the case of joint owners, they should clearly mention their filing of trademark comes under the individual or business purpose is required. Therefore, On filling this condition trading oriented name or direct business names are not acceptable. In case, any mistake the names applied on such conditions it will be taken separately. Such business names are recorded as separately, In spite of mere filling does not a condition to approve such names.

Registration and trademark rights:

Accordingly, all the business related people or the trusted agents have the rights to register your trademark procedures. For Instance, in the application form, the persons categorize under the varied levels as the “Natural Person” of the business firm, the independent bodies for incorporation, the authorized signatory persons from the partnership firm, for the joint proprietorship of trademark the collective people all are required. Apart from all these junctions, trust and society people all are have the legal right to register the trademark process.

Rectification of trademark register and their alternation

Statement of Use in trademark registration:

With the reference of the brand name registration process, the statement of use is one of the crucial paper need to be submitted. It keenly described with the following details. First of all, the applicant must mention his position of the firm. Then crucial element is the date of trademark usage. It is one of the important sections. Subsequently, it needs to be clearly mentioned in the form. Once may wrongly fill, it is not allowed for further correction. The date of usage is one of the helpful things at the time of third party opposition.

Clear specifications of business in trademark registration:

Together with the business people who all are applying their business specification under goods or service, it should mention without any bias. Usually, the applicants at the time of their trademark registration, restricted to use the broad categories. In India, a logo registration or trademark application is rejected by the registrar on such small errors. Further, the declaration is required to prove the provided details are correct and ensure it before the submission.

Description of the Trademark:

This sections of the colour and shape of the trademark is essential one for the trademark registration. The minor details are noted to protect the individual ownership of the trademark. In particular, it is the legal right of the owner, to enjoy the solo right of usage. Obviously, the third party is not has the right to use such trademark without proper permission of the owner who already registered.

Class numbers in the Trademark registration:

However, the class number is the basic category which easily viewable in the trademark registration in online portal. Every goods and services is keenly separated under the classes of the Logo registration. Otherwise, to reduce the class complexity, more than seventy numbers of classes reduce into 45 classes. For easy identify, 1-34 classes notifies and clarify the brand name.35 to 45 classes recommended for the service base category. The specified service and goods must be listed per the class category.

Documentation of trademark and its Origin procedures in India

Representation of Trademark:

Hence, the representation of the trademark must be clear and no more changes. It must be original as the description produced in the trademark filing. It is clean and clears all the features. In brief, the clumsiness of design may lead to raise the confusion. Besides, it is also one of the common factors face the registrars objection.

Beyond the dimension of the colour and trademark all are keenly described and produced in the form with design model. Due to the effectiveness of rules is produced to protect the trademark in the long way and durable standing of the competitive business market.

Size of the trademark:

Generally, the common size of the trademark registration is approving the moderate quality size of the trade mark not exceed more than 8 cm × 8 cm. It is applicable and mandatory size required for the trademark registration. In the competitive business market, to ease the trademark issue, the series of trademark registration also acceptable. While, such series of trademark designs require slight changes than the single trademark registration.

Shape of the trademark:

Then they can use little bit larger size and all the series of trademarks come along with the same certain long size must attachable with the trade mark application form. Why all such minute details are required in the trademark registration? If the applicant not well versed with the basic ideas, it may leads to objection. In case, the registrar, want the close examination on the particular trademark; he has the right to valuate it nearly 5 times to resolve and approve the trademark design.

Importance of clarity:

As similar to the design the packaging product of the goods also keenly observed by the trademark registrar for the brand name registration purpose. The reproduction of good consists with in the three different views of notifications. If the specified product submitted for the trademark, it may lack it clarity.

On such crucial time, the registrar has the right to offer two to five months of time for the proper furnish. After the time, he again examines the packaging product. On the final submission he not satisfied, he may have the right to order for the specimen of the good packing.

Trademark Language:

The above mentioned details are allowed to fill commonly in English or Hindi as the primary language. More than that, some other Roman and Devanagari characters are allowed in the time trademark registration process.

To ease the trademark registration upon the convenient of the applicant, the translation and transliteration facilities are also available in the trademark registration. Such new endorsement are applied in the TM-16. Every step in the trademark registration legally complies with the trademark laws and section. These procedures are followed to resolve and guide for the complication situated on the trademark procedure. 


In the applying of address to till the design all the notification need the unbiased details. If they lacks the originality, it never gives the too more choices for the corrections. Hope this blog will resolve the basic and some unknown categories in the trademark registration process.

Before indulge in the trademark registration process, the new business beginners may consult the trademark consultancy or the experienced personnel in the field. Solubilis, one of the leading trademark registrars are functioning in Coimbatore.


Well, beyond the borders Bangalore, Cochin, Hyderabad all other places trademark registration will be neatly completed by this team. They offer the legal guidelines from the applying of trademark form to resolve the complexities in the trademark registration. Commonly, Objection, Opposition, Proper name choosing, publishing, attending hearings is the main duties come in the case of trademark issues. Try to avoid such above mentioned issues make sure your trademark application filing.

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