Rectification and correction procedures following in the trademark registration:

Salient features of trademark registration process in India:

Rectification and correction procedures following in the trademark registration:

Salient features of trademark registration process in India:

Vinitha August 26, 2019

Salient features of trademark registration:

Salient features of trademark are an inclusion of special provisions. The detailing definition of trademark in various aspects and trademark simplifications are gaining paramount importance in the trademark registration process. These notable changes are prevailing according to the trademark act, 1999. All aspects of a trademark registration are keenly discussed here. It is not only for the business people even a layman can also easily understand the power of trademark registration.

As an important of trademark registration is taking enormous impact only because it is an intellectual property of both business as well as individual. So awareness and importance are of this business asset increasing day by day.

Trademark law and provision:

Special provisions and trademark laws are exclusively executed for goods and service category. These two sectors are enormously influential one for the nation’s swift growth. Due to this reason these category registration mandatory one and protecting under the norms of Paris Convention. Trademark filing follows TRIPS agreement.

Salient features of trademark registration process in India

Salient feature on trademark enlargement:

Trademark enlargement combines the basic elements of shape of goods, packages of colours. It is the basic elements are taking as the current trend following in all over the world. Being an inclusive definition it is only following that even something not falling into one of these categories may be regarded as brand name registration for the purpose of the Act.

Salient feature of trademark simplification:

The logo or mark in the trademark which is demonstrating as distinctive mark is the well qualified for the registration is not necessary but it comes with another option. This mark can be an ”adapted to distinguish”. This salient concept violate in the present law. Testing process for analyse a distinguish mark. Simply the less stringent laws are outdated one now comparing with the old laws in the logo registration.

Enhanced protection on well-known trademarks:

Salient features of protection on trademark define the meaning of well-known trademark while only in the incorporation process. It is the common thing that well known trademarks are preventing from the imitating way of registration. Such refusal grounds are following in the particular sections of 9 and 11 as per the trademark act. These sections are mainly functioning for the connection with goods and services. The primary condition is for the cause of protecting the identical or similar trademark registration.

Salient feature of defensive registration system:

Defensive registrations are following under the trademark Act, 195 his section once prescribing for limited use of “invented Words”. But now the present act omits all the provisions relating to defensive registration. It accepted and getting it effectiveness under section 47 as per Trade and merchandise act, 1958. Ceasing of effectiveness occur only in the case of expiry. Five years of commencement period and regular checking of renewal is gaining its importance but keen note that the defensive registration now ceased and not prevailing one in trademark registration.

Salient feature of Part A and Part B sections:

It is once following according to the 1958 act. In the part A section registered trademark section registered trademarks are distinctive otherwise adapted to distinguish. In the contrast Part B is taking in the case of capable of distinguishing goods. The upcoming act of 1999 has fully abolishing the system of maintain the two parts. Both parts are comes with different legal rights to avoid the clumsiness single registration with simplified procedure is following in this Logo registration to gain equal rights. This presumption of conclusive validity period following as 7 year and contained the former section 32 is completely rejecting in this section.

Salient feature of renewal enhancement:

Renewal required to gain successive in the total number of seven years. From the old period now it is extending the period of a decade is a massive change in this trademark alteration and changing act as per the new provision coming under this act. The changes on this brand name registration are coming only as the fruitful purpose to resolve the odd and old complexities prevailing in the previous session of act.

Multi-class application and its permission:

The conventional trademark laws are taking and falling only in the same class from the total number of 34 classes of goods. As per the new legislation intervention enables the applicant to file the application under single application for trademark registration. Same mark cannot be fall more than one class. But the new goods and services are classifying under 45 classes. A single application facilitate register the same mark in several classes. The method of international classification of goods and service is required to follow all corners of India.

Salient features of trademark registration process in India

Salient features on law concerns:

Permitted user is a definition is substantially changed to cover the use of mark by both registered and unregistered user. Common law licensee is entitling for the virtue use of agreement for the registered user. To encourage the process of trademark consultants filing process and norms are simplified to avoid the official scrutiny it totally avoids extend and extraneous considerations. Central government taking the authority charge on this trademark registration. Deletion of trafficking in trademark exists in the old law. Uncontrolled license and its usage is in the commodity in more imaginary than the reality. It is a powerful tool to attract discerning customers.

Salient features and function of appellate board:

Objections and further appeals are common one in this trademark consultants and their registration process. Such appeals and orders are partly decision of registrars and third party. These process filings are submitting before the Intellectual Property appellate board. The barring or authority from exercising jurisdiction powers or authority related to power of trademark. Pending cases of high court relating to this trademark approval issues transferred to appellate board which is notified one in the official gazette.

Salient features and effect on trademark widening and punishment:

All the enlargements following in the new provision of effective one to ease the process of trademark otherwise the infringement and refusal ground re enlarge to reduce the confusions on this trademark. Legislative intensions and associations are following one in this protection of brand name filing. Similar and same trademark can easily constitute the trademark infringement. So, trademarks infringement is easily ruin the reputation of business in India. It is maximum prohibit maximum unfair advantages occur in the business field.

Trademark punishment for offence occurrence:

Deterrent punishments are merging in these provisions and act to discourage the duplicate intervention in the business market. Penalty for applying false trademark, trade description etc,. Trade description is applied, enhanced and removing the distinction between offences relating to Drug or food. On the other hand, categories of food come to the notable criterion. Law is forcefully enhancing punishment for second and subsequent convictions. The offences are explicitly declaring as cognizable. It is morally following as per the section of 115(3) of brand name registration process.

Forum of institution for infringement proceedings:

Suits or cases of trademark infringement will take to the court. But this trial court not to be inferior to a district court. It is following as the conventional principle. The significant change of new law utters district court having jurisdiction will including in the category of district court. Local limits of the court notify the residence or business carrying locality in the gain respect for the prescribed amendments. As per the Copyright Act, 1957 artistic work of a trademark is register under copyright. All these provisions are adding the complexities on logo filing come in the manner of replica.

Salient features on non-use and refusal ground:

Respective of old trademark provision, 5 year is determining from the date of registration. It is applicable one for the all the purposes taking on these applications. To resolve this hardship especially on the time lag period of 5 years non-use will reckoned from the date of actual registration. But it not mean the date which from the application registration date. Further, it can use not only registered user but also unregistered user. Massive changes in the trademark registration. The use of trademark can start from 3 months before the filing of application.

Unregistered trademark Assignment:

Commonly, unregistering trademark is not assignable and transmissible except along with goodwill of the business concerns. The specified circumstances are gaining importance along with other factors. This has been abolishing from the old norms and provisions.

Amendment of Companies Act:

Amendment of the companies act is another salient feature. It strongly prohibits the use of other company’s corporate name, name of the business concern. These provisions are keenly depicting in the sections of 20 and 22. These suitable indications are following the similar schedule of Trademark Act. Sections 158 and 29 both these provision elements are enact and constitute an infringement of a registering trademark. All these derivations are making the current trademark registration norm is very useful and purposefully handling for the stable business undertaking.


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