Trademark registration on Collective trademark and its procedures

Trademark registration on Collective trademark and its procedures

Vinitha September 28, 2019

Trademark registration on collective trademark

Trademark registration is a set of sections following for collective trademark. Collective trademarks are containing its primary positions in the sections of 61 to 68. According to trademark act 1999, it is considering as a new insertion in the act. Section of 61, keenly describe the trademark provisions. All the characteristics and important features of collective trademarks are gaining separate regulation.

In essence to legality, collective trademark section 62 is providing valuable information on consequences on fail to register the collective trademark.Collective trademark section 63 is describing peculiar application and governing rules for collective trademark registration. 64th section is dealing with general accepting grounds of the registrar. Section of 65 is coming with inspection procedures. Other infringement, amendment regulation, removal procedures all are follow as 66, 67 and 68 sections.

Trademark registration on Collective trademark and its procedures

Trademark registration provision on collective trademark:

Incidentally, collective trademark provision and their sub sections are coming with legal references. For instance of trademark law, distinguish mark is essential. Same formula is also applying in the collective trademark registration. Collective trademark never replicate already registering mark. It can be relating to goods or services. But all are should follow this provisions. Individual or group of association are allowing to applying collective trademark registration.

Exclusive of, unique trademark will be a legal identity. For the goods and services are sell in the market. It solely inter connect with the business world. Same or similar mark will lack the originality. Moreover, it is one of the business assets. Logo registration mark is legally considering as the proprietor mark. Obviously it should stand alone among other marks.

registration should avoid mislead elements:

Meanwhile, choosing of collective trademark is crucial thing. It merely suitable one for all business walks. Collective trademark is free from the certain significance. They are name, character, and other business significance. Due to deceive or confusion on the product, these are following. Collective trademark registration is under the lawful amendments. To lead bias free business all these procedure following are unavoidable.

There upon, to avoid the confusion and register the collective trademark some indication need to submit. Comparing with other trademark, collective trademark comprise specific things. Such indications are the basic proof that it is a collective trademark. At the time of registration process, these are the notable things inspecting through registrar.

Documentation of trademark and its Origin procedures in India

Collective trademark regulation:

Consequently, collective trademark regulation is surveying with proper regulations. Collective trademark preserve authorization to use the marks. Conditions on membership association and the sanctions all are strictly follow to avoid misuse of the collective trademark. All these steps are following before applying for the trademark registration. Later, few guidelines are applicable to satisfy the registrar under some common grounds.

Above all, common unique mark is the primary term to accept the collective trademark. As per the regulation, unconditionally registrar can accept and reject collective trademark. Such acceptance leads to the formality of open inspection. By following proper amendments and regulation publish in the approval of registrar. It will be publish in the journal.

Certificate process of Trademark registration:

Further more, applying for collective trademark and certification are totally different one. Without the certificate the owner not allow to carry out the business. Why this certificate is valid one? It serves as the authority. Expert people gives show their warranty on the quality of goods. It separately offers reputation to the trader. Central government shall not motivate to refuse the application at trademark registration process.

Beyond all, modifications and changes are lawfully applicable on the trademark registration. Hearings are allocating to help the individual in the maximum level. To be neutral all opportunities are given both sides of accusers. The law suit always supports the proper procedure followers.

Trademark registration on Collective trademark and its procedures

Cancellation of collective trademark:

As well as, cancellation of collective trademark bound with certain limitations of rules. The registrar has full right to reject or cancel any trademark registration application. Beyond all the power the proper cause also mentioning on that rejection or cancellation. General grounds of collective trademark cancellation:

  • Specifically, proprietor of business neglect jurisdiction process or wrongly applying on other jurisdiction it will cancel.
  • As a rule, trademark owner fail to observe the provisions relating to his goods or service
  • For this reason, registering trademark comes without any fruitfulness and no longer offer any public advantage
  • Subsequently, follow the public advantage, but regulations are contrast it will be taking for cancellation.

Special provision on textile goods:

First of all, provisions of textile goods are applicable and valuable one. It takes its importance under the collection of appropriate class. Of course, the cotton and textile products are has unique place in Indian market. Having Manchester in major cities, export business is gaining popularity. So, to avoid bias on the textile business certain guidelines are following in trademark process.

  • For this purpose, heading without a line and other marks are allowing for trademark registration process.
  • Correspondingly, a mere line not stand as the unique quality for this rejection
  • Hence, exclusive use of lines in the heading are not permitting one
  • According to, factory act procedure to be taking as collective one in the textile products

Chiefly, piece of length, bleach, dye, print and all other manufacturing process should follow as factories act. Easily noticeable elements are to be proper. These elements including International stamp, length, standard yard of the pieces.

Rectification of trademark register and their alternation

Collective goods as bundles:

Although, collection of materials especially textile products comes in bundles. Cotton thread to handicraft threads all are comes in bundle. It can be removable under certain conditions

  • While, it openly mark with the indication of weight
  • Otherwise, meter system also applicable to mention this
  • On the other hand, name of the manufacturer or wholesaler to be mention

Though, these rules are following under section of goods and textiles. If a person claim any suits on the textile products, samples will be test. Testing will be applicable at requiring time without any limit. Simply, this will be extendable as per the need of officer’s inspection. These things are legal one after the trademark registration process.


Subsequently, trademark is the considering element in the business progress. All are having their own right in their asset. As the intellectual property don’t ignore it. Try to offer some phase to select the trademark. High profile trademark consultants and lawyers will guide in the best way.

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