Rectification and correction procedures following in the trademark registration:

Use of IPR in the development international market

Rectification and correction procedures following in the trademark registration:

Use of IPR in the development international market

Vinitha November 25, 2019

Use of IPR in the business world:

Use of IPR Intellectual property follows with many registrations like Trademark registration, Copyright registration, GI and so on. Each of the service has its uniqueness and primary importance in the field of business legality. Intellectual property the term denotes many the intangible asset of the business. Some IPRs are individually useable and others are binds with the business. Trademark samples are using in the supply of goods in the market is held as a bona fide. Solidly the grounds of non-use leads to the trademark application will dismiss one. Patent registration is other type of Intellectual property closely binds with the business progress.

Suit for perpetual injunction in Trademark registration

Use of IPR for Bona fide use:

The use of IPR as a bona fide is really optful one with the trademark registration. Expression bona fide denotes the real and genuine use of the trademark, copyright and patent registration. Thirty parties should not get immunity from attack by asserting use with some fictitious or colourable use that was genuine is easily reflecting one. Bona fide of the each use of trademark is depends upon the cause behind the use of the trademark. Every step of trademark is now follows with the strict norms and principles. Prior to know the principles will certainly helpful one. As per the law a trademark registration assure that the trademark belongs to the registered user.

Use of IPR with perfect expression:

Use of IPR and name reserving for the business in the category of trademark registration is certainly comes with lot of points to consider. Physical relation to the goods and services are not a complex issue in the trademark registration. Advertisement, order and invoice relating use of trademark will be helpful one for the transparent mode of business. Name acquisition will helpful in the development of business in the future era. Patent registration is following the mentioning of perfect expression of use of the invention. Every step of the trademark is liberal one for its proprietor only. It is the stable norm frequently stress in the trademark filing process.

Use of IPR in the development international market

What is the concept of trademark?

The concept of the trademark and characteristic functions need to be favour for the industrial purpose as similar to the patent registration. Public and external use of the trademark registration is the most considerable quality. Meanwhile it is the only way that directs the business to the outer world. To avoid the trademark exploitation proper registration of trademark is very useful one. Use of trademark is showing its effectiveness until it storing in the ware houses, use for the commercial purpose in the market and finally reach it to the hands of the final user. For all such genuine use the trademark registration is the supportive act of procedure.

Use of IPR with the bona fide use:

Physical usage is obviously stands with the business. The standing name of the business with the proof of trademark registration is certainly interesting one. Despite the register user same class and field of business will not allow to use. As a rival product with same name and class will certainly meet sue. Prior register use will save the clash in the business world. Comparing to patent registration, it is the simple and complex free process following in the trademark registration unique and simple name is much easier to create a new invention with the novelty. More than that, the industrialist will get benefit. Trademark registration is common to all business people.

Fact to establish:

Burden of proving facts is inevitable at the time of secure the trademark registration from any kind of removal. After the expiry period of the trademark usage is considering as the non-use category. Expiry period trademark not allow use for more than five years. It leads to the removal of the trademark. Subsequently on this moment registration need to done as a new one. On such crucial situation the owner of the trademark need to prove that he is the aggrieved person the usage of the trademark registration. All these cases are certainly varies from other IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) services. Patent takes more time for approving and examination but the patent registration object is very stable and steady one in the registration procedure.

Transfer of rights:

A company that is completing the process of trademark registration is certainly beneficial one. Brand name does not become infect with the transfer and renting it for the monetary purpose. It is transferrable one to the newly floated company. Trademark laws are offering proper permission to this procedure. Comparing it to the patent registration it is allowing only for selling purpose. Comparing to the trademark registration all other procedures are the strong asset of the individual skill for the business. Copyright is the right common for music and art relating field. Solidly it impacts the string social recognition. Recognition is the base of certification for the development of the business in the potential market.

Use of IPR in the development international market

Use of Clause (a) and (b) distinction:

Clause (a) and Clause (b) distinctions are specifying through no bona fide use of trademark registration. Commonly, register user has the bona fide use the trademark without any hesitation. Date of application and the perfect class specification is getting its importance in the process of trademark. Wrong usage on this section leads to the removal of the trademark without any consideration. Liable of the trademark law is certainly forcible one under the section 47 (3). It is applicable for register marks. Trademark registration can be very easy comparing to the Patent registration. Easy removal and cases occurrences are easy one. Know this process and opposition on the trademark is quiet usual one.

Duplicate registration:

A same name can be easily found in the business market. The both parties are anonymously using this trademark under same name. It is the highly complex factor is both trademarks are properly registered with the trademark registration process. At the time of the market and selling confusion, the trademark issue approach the court to prove their identity. At the time, the prior register trademark is expired within five year period. After that the second party registering trademark under the same name. These careless issues are leads the advantage to the opponent. Consider all these factors before your logo registration.


Trademark filing seems to be the part of the business emblem. A good business reaches initially to the laymen by only its name. Trademark registration with the opt form of application filing, Sending for the view of the examiner; objection, opposition and publication are the common process taking into the undertaking of brand name registration. Legally approach the way is safe one for the reservation of the perfect trademark for your business. Showing less level of interest will ruin the growth of the business. Trademark consultants in Coimbatore are waiting to guide you.


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